Independent Forensic Knowledge Broker


Agency for Registration, Information and Exchange of Forensic Knowledge.

Registered and checked information on applied expertise, standards, tools and equipment, into the forensic profession gives insight about the level of quality into professionalism of organisations on their performance in general. Centralised accessibility on such forensic professional knowledge is information that leads to improved results into police investigations in general.

Registration affects and increases the quality of work, it helps professionals because of knowing where they can find the last stand of techniques, methods etc., but it improves also the professional judgement decisions in handling police cases in general. This all gives more clarity and transparency on what society can expect from Forensic Experts. Because of the fact when something is written down (by registration and can be checked) the society gets more guarantees on what those professionals do.

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  Qualified Forensic Services
Try the ID Checker with QFS ID “FS-demo” and find out what’s the result. You may also put the QR-code on your website for being a registered Forensic Service Provider. Further on there is world map with markers which also lead also to information of organization.


ID Checker
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