Forensic Registration, Information and Exchange Centre.

After accepting this first step follows always 2 and hereafter 3 or 4 or both.
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Centralisation: Centralised and accessible forensic information gives clarity and unanimity in where FE’s/SAE's wants to stands in performing an accurate and just investigation.

For information whether a Qualified Forensic Services ID is issued, go to the ID* Checker on this website.

* When carry out a check in the register, an issued QFS ID is mandatory.


Register as FE/SAE

Invitation is needed*.

*) click here and find out

Exchange Centre**

click here

Registered Information**

click here
**) You will need a QFE/SAE/FS/FD/FP ID to check information.

2) F- Services is for registering of Education, training programs and expert Services.
3) F- Products is for registering products in general.
3) F- Devices / Systems registering with an F specification.

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