Forensic Registration and Information Services.


  • Experts 1)

  • Methods, Techniques, etc.

  • Laboratories, Services & Developers

  • Disciplines, Systems & Devices

  • Police / Law enforcement Agencies

Forensic Expertise 2)

  • Experts main task

  • Years of Experience

  • Professional involvement

  • Organisation background

  • Department/ Unit Name

  • Location / Country

Qualified Forensic Services ID (QFS ID) 3)

  • Professionals Expertise

  • Methods, Techniques

  • Laboratories / Services

  • Police /LE Agencies

  • Systems & Devices


  • How and in which way professionals work

  • Quality compliance

  • Procedures (ISO, etc.) if are present

  • Qualified judgement can be done

  • Which Police / LE Agencies adapt the above?

Exchange of 3) /4)

  • Released Information

  • Methods, Techniques, Equipment etc.

  • Quality of Services

  • Quality awareness in general

  • Training programs and capabilities

Centralised Independence for

  • Professional available information

  • Increasing of professionalism

  • Equality under professionals as Expert

  • Assuring the professionals needs

  • Strengthens registered organisations

Quality is discernible because of

  • Registration, Information & Verification

  • Organisation status and/or certificates

  • Supplied information

  • Visibility of services and disciplines

  • Information on registered Forensic Experts

Transparency on information by

  • QFS ID Checker

  • More discernible information 1)

  • Professional evaluation 2)

  • Mapping of professional integrity

  • Capability on workflow audits

Consultancy in Professional Expertise, which is focus on temporary jobs/ or advising role into the public sector. This can be caused when there is shortage or drop-out of experts in forensic disciplines (police/ science) a solution on short notice is necessary. Registered FE experts who also has a STE (Short Term Experts) status, can be part of a possible solution, for advice or filling in on temporary base the absence of expertise. If needed please contact us.
1) Precondition to register as a forensic expert(FE), is it necessary in having an invitation code, which can be issued by any IPA FPE participant or from IC4You2. For example, others “not governmental linked Forensic Expert” when they like to register itself as expert, this can only be done by intervention of their firm/ organisation/ training institute, if that’s registered at IC4You2.
2) Personal Information provision about a registered Forensic Expert is bound by the Privacy Policy of us.
3) It’s for professionals importance that certain information isn’t visible.
To unlock those parts of information is it necessary to present an authorized request.
4) Only for participants of IPA FPE. For info on IPA FPE Click here.

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