2021 QSAE Search

More detailed information on QSAE ID >>> SAE-Demo
Organisational background | Code Environment, Welfare & Infrastructure
Department/Unit Name Local government
Department/Unit Location Justice
Country of performance NL
Field of Expertise (Code) Ranger Wardens (SAE-RW)

Professional detailed information on QSAE ID >>> SAE-Demo
Main task on Expertise Inspection
Expertise Ranger Wardens (SAE-RW)
Years of Experience 16
IPA FPE participant Yes
Short Term Expert Pending

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This map is without markers; only authorised users are allowed to see the markers. The original map shows markers per country, with a totally of registered and certified experts. For conformation we did use three sources; the organisation of the professionals, the professional involved and its registered training/ education institute of certification. This all is part of the QCP protocol, which ensured more professionalism and transparency of investigations in general.

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