Forensic On-line Library

24 x 7 x 365 access

The Forensic On-line Library of IC4You2 will be a useful tool for all FE. Even for FE’s today, information on Forensic Police Investigation methods is scattered everywhere.

Now nobody feels responsible to clarify and co-ordinate. This is probably caused by abuse of power, narrow minded thinking or think as if you are the only inhabitant of an island. Information and “reality of judgement” change rapidly.

Based on the principle of “I See for You too” and because FE must be able to count and rely an up to date information. IC4You2 created an “Information and Knowledge Exchange Centre” a place, brought together and taken care of by the new generation of FE who want to assume that responsibility together. The world became a village with all modern communication tools.

The Forensic On-line Library will be the future delivery channel for all FE’s which will thus have free access to all kind of information about forensic investigation related topics.

In the library forensic information and data will be stored based on subject/topics/Investigation Expertise.

Query’s you want to do are based on expert field/ topic/ keywords. Furthermore there will be all kinds of interesting information about validated and registered forensic investigation methods, Techniques, equipment and software etc.




Centralization and access of forensic information gives clarity and unanimity in where FE’s wants to stands for an accurate and just investigation


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