Knowledge for Others …

Knowledge for others is a part of IC4You2 where we are focussing on sharing knowledge with those who require or are interested in forensic investigation knowledge information. There is a difference between Information and Personal assistance of contracted FE as Short Term Expert. The latter will only be available for the public criminal Jurisdiction system and public education institutes. For the private juridical sector on information from the Forensic Online Library will only be possible through paid access.

Public Criminal Jurisdiction,

  • Law Enforcement,
  • Court
  • Prosecution

Giving knowledge on time as short term expert or access to on-line library for other is the first priority within the public sector for example the Court, Public prosecutor in the base of FE’s code of conduct The first priority of IC4You2 lies in knowledge exhilarating for law enforcement related organisation.

Private Juridical sector

  • Lawyers
  • Attorney/Barrister
  • Private Investigators

Private juridical sector can apply and ask for help by using the Forensic Online library. Getting this information will be subject to a fee.

Security and Insurance advise

Security consultant and insurance consultant have a clear role in prevention. With this group we will share knowledge concerning unproductive/time-consuming prevention systems which hinder reconstruction based on original system data. IC4You2 expects that they take their “Responsibility” to improve supporting the government. They must take the next step for change. Insufficient action may lead to official publication of non cooperation. If producers satisfy our wishes a FRCS certification can be followed with publication.


Universities or High Schools are part of the public sector and as such can get assistance of STE in tutoring or examining, which they can ask IC4You2. Together we will select (an) expert(s) for helping and assisting on that specific topic. Because it will cost time and effort of that FE, they are willing to do so in free-time. These services will cost money because members are willing to do this in free time.

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