F-RIEC Registry

(Forensic Registry, Information and Exchange Centre)

F-RIEC Registry is the first of its kind, a centralized place for forensic registration, information and exchange. Eventually all Investigation Methods, Techniques, Equipment, Software, Hardware, Services, Expertise etc. for professionalism can be find here.

The new generation of forensic professionals, sees the necessity of registration, because in the long-term it contributes into a fair trial, quality of work, professional honour and makes the world safer.

The registry give a more detailed insight on professionalism, into forensic examination general. Simultaneously professionals get more hold on professional quality, honour and openness to the public. The obtained registered information is part of the Forensic On-line Library(FOL).

Accessibility of FOL is in the first place for registered professionals. For other persons who have a register code/number based on an investigation, can control the professional authenticity. It is a proven fact that registration of information indeed is of value.

All registered information has everything to do with practical forensic police investigation work.


  • Forensic Products (FP)
    • Methods and Techniques,
    • Equipment and Instruments
    • Hard-/Software
    • Standards and worksheets
    • Personal Protection Awareness
  • Forensic Laboratories/ Units (FL)
    • ISO accreditation disciplines
  • Forensic Device/System (FD)
    • Authentic forensic clearness
  • Forensic Expertise (FE)
    • Police Experts
    • Scientist Expert
    • Other Expert




  • FP, FL and FD registration steps
    • Key-registration
    • Registration FAK
    • Registration of legal methods
    • Certificate announcement by IPA FPE
    • Announcements


  • FE
    • Through IPA FPE






We welcome all professionals suppliers in the forensic chain, who are willing to take responsibility by registering their product, services, system/device, which will lead to a centralized information point, where Forensic Expert can update their knowledge.

– The registration number of FP ,FL or FD can be checked on the “FAK ID Checker” see right.

– Cost to make for F-RIEC registry Click here

– Key-Registration form to register Click here

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