Forensic Registration, Information and Exchange Centre

Registering and to taken steps in this

The applicant who wants to register a topic at the F-RIEC, should be aware that there financial contribution entails.

The height of cost depends on the stage of that registration.

Registration stages:

Every registration starts with a “Key-registration”; followed by a provisional registering into the register, next phase in the procedure starts for IPA FPE , after a positive decision on the part of IPA FPE follows the “Final Registration”; To an important change in the registration data leads to a “Registration Update”.

Registration sort Costs
Key Register request 30 € < > 70 € Various *
F-PIMTE Registration 150 €
F-DPA Registration 280€
F-Lab/Unit Registration 250 €
Annual Contribution 150 €
Certificate for Recognized Forensic Awareness 150 €
Updating a Registration 75 € < > 140 € Various**

After a positive decision, gets the applicant a message which contains, a registration number of the provisional registered product, with some further details of outstanding bill costs payable for the finalization of the registration.

How are the costs built up to a final registration

  1. Cost Key Register request,(formal control based on Identity versus organisation / firm permission.)
  2. Type of registration,(Information audit on subject for registering)
  3. Annual contribution.

A percentage of the received registration fee will be donated to IPA FPE.

Therefore, we invite all organizations, companies, police and law enforcement agencies to register in which you help the new generation of forensic experts.

When you must pay:

With the “Key Register” starts the first payment. After receiving that amount, the “provisional” registration is completed. This registration is with the notice “provisional” entered in the register.

How to pay:

The Registration cost and Annual Contribution can be paid by means of Paypal or through IBN: NL 29INGB0007512439

Do you want to make such a registration. Click and here.



* The Key Register cost is different, this is based whether it is a public service or private enterprises.
Applicant must finalise the next step in registration within a period of six months after an obtained approval.

In case of a negative decision the Key-Registration cost will be non-refundable.

After a rejection of a Key Register, the applicant will receive a duly substantiated reply.

** The cost of any registering data update depends of type of registration.

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