STE Agency for FE

The Short Term Expert working agency for FE (short term employment). With this agency IC4You2 makes it possible that FE can register and fulfil an STE advice role at governmental institutes or bodies on temporary bases.

FE’s are free to have a side-line job if this has nothing to do with their main occupation. IC4You2 finds this a correct approach because FE should never work in free time for a private company and use his knowledge of FE.

IC4You2 believes that knowledge of FE’s belongs to the public domain and therefore they are allowed to bring knowledge through a side-line job to the benefit of the public sector.

The knowledge of a Forensic Expert

A different aspect is what makes their knowledge “alive” with this situation. Audits, controls, checks and advises take time and preparation; it’s not something you can do overnight.

IC4You2 will carefully guide members of IC4You2 towards choosing the best fit FE.

Based on a zero-hour contract. A zero hour contract is a recent type of contract under which a fixed number of hours per week is not guaranteed. IC4You2 expects from STE-members if there is a need of forensic knowledge in public law enforcement and receive a regular compensation for actual hours worked.

STE Register for FE

  • To qualify for a registration such as STE:
  • >>>> FE must have a membership of IPA FPE
  • Employment as STE for all government institutes will be arranged by IC4You2.
  • All will be covered in a zero hours contract which is the foundation of the freelance STE.
  • >>>> Other components are the financial and legal position etc. of a STE.
  • With this register and the implementation of STE tasks FE will get more advantage of their profession in free time.

STE can contribute into:

  • reducing practical forensic knowledge at the juridical system
  • registering of Forensic Investigation Tools a challenge for FE’s
  • validation of Investigation tools in progress
  • promote into realization process the use ISO 17020 within the C(S)I.
  • validation or pilots of new Methods and techniques

Registration application form Click here

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